Mick: Show Us the Money

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger was ordered in a New York Family Courtroom yesterday to reveal the size of his fortune after Luciana Morad, the mother of his love child, argued that $10,000 a month wasn’t sufficient when it came to supporting their 13-month-old son, Lucas. She is seeking $35,000 a month. Jagger’s lawyers are vowing to appeal the hearing examiner’s request, though Morad’s attorney, the outspoken Raoul Felder, told New York’s Daily News: “It’s show-and-tell time. We want to really see what he’s worth.” Jagger, 56, is expected to supply the information to the court — and to the prying eyes of the press and the public — by Aug. 1. Morad, 29, a former lingerie model, told the News that she and the aging rocker are “friends” and that she still finds him “really sexy.”

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