Divorced couple Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall are actually closer than ever, Hall revealed to Diane Sawyer on yesterday’s “Good Morning America.” The chief Rolling Stone may have strayed but he moved right next door to Hall and their four children in London. “He bought the flat next door and knocked a hole through the dining room wall when I was away,” said a light-hearted Hall. (She laughed as she spoke of Jagger.) “I can’t get rid of him.” Still, said Hall, “I’m making him move. I said to him, ‘Look it’s 11 months, and you’ve got to get your own place.’ ”

  • In other news of the Stones, a San Francisco appeals court has ruled that the group improperly borrowed two of their hits from blues legend Robert Johnson, who died in 1938. The Stones’ songs in question are “Love in Vain” and “Stop Breakin’ Down.” (Johnson’s music company had failed to copyright the music but it was wrong for the Stones to assume it was public domain, said the judge.) The case now goes to an L.A. judge who will determine whether or not the group owes money to the record company Delta Haze.