Mireya Briceno and her mother are still confused and upset about the school's decision

By Tim Nudd
April 29, 2015 08:00 PM
Erin Zaragoza Photography

Mireya Briceno’s mom thought her daughter looked “classy and elegant.” Administrators at her Michigan high school’s prom apparently thought the opposite.

Briceno was told to leave the prom last Friday because of a dress-code violation, MLive reports. The school hasn’t publicly said why, but Briceno’s mother Connie assumes the dress was deemed too revealing.

But Connie is now fighting back, demanding an explanation from Muskegon High School and claiming that the dress – which had an open-back design – was not against the rules as outlined.

“The guidelines specifically said backless dresses are acceptable,” she tells Yahoo Parenting. “The rules stated the dress needed to adhere to the ‘fingertip rule’ – meaning the dress had to hit below your fingertip when standing with her arms by your side. They also said no midriff showing, which to me means stomach. And they said the words, ‘Backless dresses are acceptable.’ ”

School principal Brad Perkins told Yahoo he couldn’t discuss issues related to students over the phone, and he declined to comment on Briceno’s situation – leaving the Bricenos frustrated.

“Other girls were wearing similar style dresses, like dresses with cutouts, and dresses with sheer lining on the midriff,” Connie says. “Why were they allowed to stay and my daughter wasn’t?”

Mireya Briceno and her prom date
Erin Zaragoza Photography

Any explanation would help, but what’s done is done, Connie adds – as she painfully recalls how Mireya called her crying from the parking lot outside the prom.

“I told her to go to dinner with her boyfriend, and try to enjoy her evening,” Connie says. “She was really upset. She has her boyfriend’s prom in two weeks, but still, this was her prom. She missed out on a memorable time with her friends.”