Michelle Williams Hopes Matilda Becomes a Doctor

But the 3-year-old, whose father is Heath Ledger, wants to be a cowgirl

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Despite having two actors as parents – and, in the case of her late father, Heath Ledger, an Oscar winnerMichelle Williams‘s little girl, Matilda, will not grow up in Hollywood, her mother insists.

In fact, Williams, 28, hopes that Matilda, 3, will one day become a doctor. Not that Matilda doesn’t have ideas of her own. Her mother admits that currently she wants to be a cowgirl.

With an eye to taking some time from movie work, Williams tells the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph that she is currently very much a stay-at-home mom.

Williams also says that would not raise her daughter in Los Angeles “for all the obvious reasons. Being an actor’s daughter. It’s a town that’s about one thing, and I want her to have options.”

Williams spoke in detail for the first time late last year about missing Ledger – who was found dead in a New York apartment on Jan. 22, 2008 – and said that her grief “just gets worse.”

A Domestic Life

For Williams, life at the moment is one of “cooking, baking, cleaning and sewing,” she tells the Telegraph. “As a young actress, you feel this intense pressure to work. Everybody says, ‘The time is now.’ But I can be 28 and take a year off. Hopefully they’ll still be something to go back to.”

Being an actress “comes with so much baggage,” says the Wendy and Lucy star. “It used to be a refuge and now it’s a hassle.”

As for her career future, she adds, “I’ll be happy making movies for $300,000 for the rest of my life if the roles are interesting.”

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