The actress says her sexuality is nobody's business and adds, "I like men"

By Pete Norman
Updated May 04, 2007 03:30 PM

Michelle Rodriguez is speaking out about being pictured on the cover of lesbian magazine Curve.

In a message on her Web site, the 28-year-old actress writes: “As far as rumors go of me coming out, I guess Curve magazine took it upon themselves to out me on the premise of their own suspicions.

“Whatever, I’m not insulted, I have a big lesbian following, and for whatever reasons they show me love. I’m never going to shun, disrespect or neglect anybody who shows me genuine non-psychotic love.”

However, she makes it clear that she’s upset. “I will say this: To put words in someone’s mouth and place people in categories affects them for sure, especially in this business,” she writes. “I don’t know what the intent behind the Curve magazine cover was. I wasn’t informed of it, I had no idea they were planning on using my image to sell magazines.”

The Curve article in fact does not state that Rodriguez is gay, but shortly after the issue hit newsstands the rumor that she’d come out of the closet swept the Internet.

Curve executive editor Diane Anderson-Minshall tells PEOPLE: “I am sorry that Michelle Rodriguez feels like we’ve outed her. If she would read the article, she could see that is simply not true. Our intention was definitely not to do that. We simply wanted to pay homage to an actress that has been on our ‘Top 5 Wish List’ (of celebrities our readers want to read more about) for several years.”

Rodriguez has long been the subject of speculation about her sexuality, especially after The L Word star Kristanna Loken hinted to November’s issue of The Advocate about their relationship.

Asked about whether she and Rodriguez had gotten close while filming 2005’s BloodRayne, Loken said, “There is the $64,000 question. Um … I don’t even know how to answer that,” then added: “Just don’t look upstairs, okay?”

But Rodriguez writes that her sexuality is nobody’s business. “If I wanted people to know what I do with my vagina I would have released a sex video a long time ago,” she quips. “Yet I haven’t done that.”

Being labeled a lesbian, she says, would have a negative impact on her career: “There are certain things that can close doors between a celebrity and certain audiences. … If I were Ellen [DeGeneres] I may get away with the ‘I’m gay’ level of exposure, but I’m not a comedian, I like men (real ones anyway) and I’ve only been in this business for seven years, not 20.”