Michelle Pfeiffer Says She's Considered a Facelift

The Hollywood beauty admits she "toys" with the idea of plastic surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer, known as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, says she has considered getting plastic surgery – just not yet.

“I toy with it,” the 48-year-old actress tells InStyle in their August issue. “When I’m rested, I look pretty darn OK. I can hold off on that facelift for another few years. (But) when I’m feeling weary, then I think, maybe I better make that appointment.”

Still, she says Hollywood’s obsession with looks is getting out of control. “If that nose or those jowls bother you, do it,” she says of getting surgery. “(But) this epidemic of people losing sight of what looks good, the distortion that has been going on is kind of creepy.”

Pfeiffer says she doesn’t feel older, though in her next film, I Could Never Be Your Woman, she plays up her age in her role as a TV executive who falls for a man 11 years her junior, played by Paul Rudd.

“I certainly see that I’ve changed. I just try not to dwell on it,” she says of getting older. “Aging happens to every single one of us. Once you accept that it unburdens you.”

Mostly, Pfeiffer says she is focused on having a “slightly slower” lifestyle, which she has accomplished by moving from Los Angeles to Northern California with her TV writer husband, David E. Kelley, and their two kids, Claudia Rose, 13, and John Henry, 12.

As for that facelift possibility, “I’ve seen some amazing-looking plastic surgery. But who knows what you’ll get?” she tells the magazine, which hits newsstands July 24. “I’m hoping I’m courageous enough to grow old gracefully.”

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