Plus, she may play one on film, but never call her a cougar!

June 16, 2009 11:05 AM

For Michelle Pfeiffer, getting told you’re beautiful never gets old.

“It took me about eight years to feel it was okay to look my nicest. To think, I’m just going to enjoy this,” the 51-year-old actress tells InStyle magazine for it’s July cover story. “The older I get, the more I like hearing it.”

The star says she has a new attitude on looks and aging after spending years being “sensitive” about her appearance. “There’s this tremendous pressure off [after age 50] – you deserve to have a wrinkle, you deserve to have a little pooch on your tummy.” In the upcoming film Cheri, she’ll play an older seductress, opposite 26-year-old Rupert Friend, but don’t call her a cougar. “I so hate that term!” she says.

Pfieffer’s also got a bone to pick with “expert” relationship advice. She’s been married fifteen years to television producer David E. Kelley and questions the idea of maintaining mystery to keep a relationship strong. “Can you imagine, for 20 years, trying to stay mysterious in your relationship? That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard,” she says. “Of all the people in your life you don’t want to hide from, it’s your partner.”
from Huffington Post
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