The musical's creator Lin-Manuel Miranda returned to the White House after performing the opening number there seven years ago

By Naja Rayne
March 14, 2016 10:25 PM

Seven years after performing what would become the opening number of the hit musical Hamilton for the president and first lady, the cast of the show returned to the capital to perform a portion of the Broadway hit during the Hamilton at the White House Student Workshop.

Welcoming the complete cast, first lady Michelle Obama recalled the first time she and her husband President Obama saw Lin-Manuel – who stars as Alexander Hamilton – perform the spoken word piece.

“Right before the event, we do a photoline with all the artists in the Blue Room,” Michelle said about meeting Miranda at the poetry slam event at the White House years ago. “So, Lin walks up, and Barack and I go ‘what are you going to do tonight?’ And he’s like, ‘I’m going to do a piece about Alexander Hamilton.’

“Now, Barack and I, we’re open-minded. But we both kind of looked at each other like, ‘oh, okay, this should be interesting.’ And then Lin-Manuel got onstage and he proceeded to perform the song ‘Alexander Hamilton,’ which, as you all know, is the opening number of this amazing musical. And of course, we were blown away,”

The first lady continued telling the group of high school students who visited the White House on Monday about Hamilton‘s journey to Broadway, revealing that she’s been a fan of the show since its off-Broadway version.

Referring to the musical as “creative, hilarious,” and “memorable” the first lady shared that she convinced her family to go see it, and even daughters Sasha and Malia – who are hesitant to like anything their mother liker – came out as fans.

“Really, Hamilton teaches us history the way it really should be taught. I mean, to my mind this is what school should be. We’d have a lot of great historians if we could only figure out how to do this more – for more subjects,” Michelle continued.

Adding that she felt the students attending the event were “probably some of the luckiest young people on the planet,” she noted the nostalgia that the return of the musical to the White House brought.

“We were saying backstage, this is really a full-circle moment for us in so many ways,” she said. “Seven years later, that first performance won out hearts, and Lin-Manuel is back at the White House with the entire cast with this amazing crew of young people. It’s really cool.”

The cast of Hamilton later performed the opening number, which aired in a White House live stream.