The first lady joins the talk show host for a hilarious take on a mom's best dance moves

By Stephen M. Silverman
February 23, 2013 03:00 PM
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

The Harlem shake is out, mom dancing is in – and First Lady Michelle Obama is ready for her TV close-up.

Joining a drag-donning Jimmy Fallon on his NBC show Late Night Friday, Mrs. Obama, 49, broke it down for “The Evolution of Mom Dancing,” promoting the third anniversary of her "Let’s Move" anti-obesity campaign.

Although the pair easily got into the groove with such classics as “Go Shopping, Get Groceries,” “Raise the Roof” and “Sprinkler,” the first lady kicked it up a notch with “Just The Hands Part of Single Ladies,” “Oh My God, I Love This Song” and “Driving the Station Wagon.”

The last straw for the wig-wearing Fallon, 38? Mrs. Obama busted out the dougie, blowing away the talk show host.

Not that this is Dancing with the Stars, but we give the first lady a 10. Fallon, who quit before the music did, gets a 4.