"Thanks to a combination of good doctors, decent hospital food and 2nd-term Obamacare, I'm doing much better the last couple of days," the filmmaker wrote

By Adam Carlson
Updated February 06, 2016 02:35 PM
Credit: Aaron Harris/Getty

Outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore is recovering from a days-long stay in the ICU after being diagnosed with pneumonia, even though “things didn’t look good” soon after he was admitted.

Moore revealed his health struggles, which led to the cancellation of multiple planned public appearances, in a pair of Facebook updates published Friday.

“Between running all over the place lately promoting my new movie … plus going to Flint to help the people of my hometown, plus jumping in to support Senator Sanders, plus doing a dozen other things – well, I read somewhere you can’t burn it at both ends, and if u do, it’s best not to do so in the winter nor anywhere near a place full of toxic water!” wrote Moore, 61.

“The truth is, I’ve actually been in the ICU since Sunday night. Let’s just say things didn’t look good Sunday night,” he wrote. “But thanks to a combination of good doctors, decent hospital food and 2nd-term Obamacare, I’m doing much better the last couple of days.”

Moore wrote that while he would be resting at home and focusing on his health, he wanted his fans to consider any guerrilla methods to promote his new documentary, Where to Invade Next, as he would be unavailable to continue doing press.

“So, would it be OK to enlist your help in a sort of quickly cobbled-together “army” of grassroots foot soldiers, wherein you could pitch in where you live (and on [social] media) to let people know about my movie?” he wrote.

Later Friday, Moore posted again, to a link to a new “music video” he created with “one of my great editors, Pablo Proenza” about the water poisoning crisis in Moore’s hometown of Flint, Michigan, about which he has been very vocal.

The 6-minute video intercuts footage from the immense news coverage around the lead poisoning with Michael Jackson‘s music video for “They Don’t Care About Us.”

Moore has also called for the arrest of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, in connection with the crisis.