Michael Lohan to Spears Family: 'Stand Together'

"People just don't realize what it's like to live under the whirlwind," says Lindsay's father

Photo: Ramirez/JFX

Michael Lohan is going on defense when it comes to family – but this time, it’s not about his family.

Lindsay’s dad is talking about Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears.

“People just don’t realize what it’s like to live under the whirlwind that families like mine and the Spearses and other families out there are caught up in,” Lindsay Lohan‘s father, 47, tells Extra. “It takes a lot to hold it together.”

When it comes to dispensing advice to the Spears clan, including matriarch Lynne Spears, Lohan says, “Stand together. Stand by each other and don’t let anyone come between you.”

Lohan also attempts to address rumors that link his daughter to Entourage star, Adrian Grenier.

“He’s a friend,” says Lohan. “She went over there for dinner one night over the holidays for an hour or so. They drank water and she went home.”

As for how his daughter is faring after what has been a tumultuous year, Lohan says, “She’s doing amazingly well.”

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