Recently retired basketball superstar Michael Jordan underwent surgery Tuesday for a torn tendon in his right index finger. The outpatient surgery was successful and Jordan should be able to return to the golf course within six weeks, doctors at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital said. “He found that (the injury) took his hook away when he was playing (golf) out on the West Coast, so he was happy that he was hitting pretty straight, but he did tell me he’d be back if there was a problem with his putting,” joked Dr. Charles Carroll. Doctors said Jordan injured his finger while he was cutting a cigar.

  • In news of another Michael and a mishap, Michael Jackson was treated for a broken wrist in Miami Tuesday during a stopover from South Africa, his publicist said. Jackson had X-rays taken at Cedars Medical Center and left the hospital about 1 1/2 hours after he arrived. “He’s fine. He checked in and checked out,” said Bob Jones, Jackson’s spokesman. “He was treated for a small fracture in his right wrist … and it won’t hamper his activities.” Jones didn’t know what caused the fracture.