November 21, 2002 01:55 PM

A cocktail lounge singer has sued basketball star Michael Jordan for $5 million, saying he promised to pay her the money for keeping mum about an extended affair between the two, Reuters reports.

The suit comes on the heels of Jordan’s own suit against Karla Knafel, whom he accused of trying to extort that same amount from him.

Knafel’s lawsuit, filed Tuesday, alleges that she met Jordan, 39, before he married his wife, Juanita. During their affair, she claims, she became pregnant and believed the child to be his. At the time, the suit claims, Jordan offered her $5 million to remain silent about the relationship, notes the Associated Press.

Although her lawyer on Tuesday clarified that Jordan is not the father of Knafel’s child, she is still owed the money for honoring Jordan’s request for her discretion and “forbearance,” Reuters reports.

Jordan has already paid Knafel $250,000 for “her mental pain and anguish arising from their romantic relationship,” the lawsuit said.

Multimillionaire Jordan became a national sports hero by driving the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships. After retiring from the Bulls, he rejoined the game in January as player and part-owner with the Washington Wizards. His wife, Juanita, filed for divorce in January, but a month later the couple announced plans to try to save their marriage.

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