Michael Jackson made an unannounced stop in rural England on Sunday to watch a karate exhibition and belt out a string of hits to an audience of 500, say onlookers. The manager of the small Queen’s Theater in Barnstaple, southwest England, claims the pop legend thrilled a local audience with four songs and a dance routine, including his “moonwalk.” “I saw him up close — I was only one foot away and saw his facial features — it was remarkable,” the Queen’s manager Darren Regan told Reuters. But as for why Jackson (who lives in the U.S. and is accustomed to playing to stadium crowds of tens of thousands) decided to drop into Barnstaple remains a mystery.

  • In other entertainment news, a lapdance show for lesbians (believed to be the first in Britain) is playing to packed audiences. Female dancers dressed in leather thongs have been performing before a strictly women-only audience in Edinburgh’s Fly Bar. The show, called “Girls in Yer Face,” costs about $7.50 (U.S.) and has attracted up to 150 customers at a time, according to managers of the Scottish bar.