December 05, 2002 11:00 AM

The Michael Jackson Show continues in a California courtroom, where the pop star is defending himself in a $21 million lawsuit over his alleged reneging on a series of millennium concerts.

During Wednesday’s episode, Jackson compared himself to Walt Disney, saying that he — like the late creator of Mickey Mouse — had been blessed by God with a gift for creating family entertainment but that he, also like Disney, lacked business skills, Reuters reports.

But whereas Disney (who died in 1966) relied on his brother Roy to handle such matters, Jackson testified that he leans on managers, agents, lawyers and accountants so that he might focus on singing and dancing.

“I’m a visionary and a creative person,” Jackson, 44, said in response to questions from his attorney, Zia Modabber, adding that he was not good when it comes to complex legal documents or numbers.

“God blessed me with certain talents,” Jackson said. “I hate to use an analogy, but Walt Disney was creative but not good with business. His brother Roy handled the books.”

Later asked by the plaintiff’s attorney if he would elaborate, Jackson said: “Walt Disney was a very creative man and a visionary. He loved creating family-oriented entertainment and so do I. I feel that was a gift and I have that gift also. I’m very honored to have been chosen.”

Jackson, who on Tuesday arrived shoeless and said that a spider had bitten his foot, showed up in court Wednesday dressed in a dark suit and tie and made up with lipstick and rouge. He was still missing a shoe.

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