Michael Jackson on Parenting

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “Kosher Sex” author and spiritual advisor to Michael Jackson, hosted the Heal the Kids initiative at New York’s Carnegie Hall Wednesday night, benefiting the Heal the World Foundation, which Jackson founded in 1992 to provide medicine and food for impoverished families across the world. The Valentine’s Day-themed discussion, “Love, Work and Parenting,” attracted hundreds of New Yorkers and was fronted by panelists who included “Temptation Island” host Mark L. Walberg, attorney Johnnie Cochran, TV personality Mother Love and relationship expert Dr. Drew Pinsky. But the biggest hand was saved for the Gloved One himself, Michael Jackson. In his brief speech, the pop star, 42, lamented the plight of children living in an all-too-often violent society. “We live in a world where little girls jumping rope have been replaced by children who worry about having to dodge bullets, a world where doing homework has been replaced by hearing gun shots,” said Jackson. The father of two, son Prince Michael Jr., 3, and daughter Paris Michael Katherine, 2, Jackson noted, “As a father myself, I understand how important it is to be there for our children.”

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