The Wall Street 2 star also praises wife Catherine Zeta-Jones – and Viagra

By Blane Bachelor
January 21, 2010 02:20 PM

With his son, Cameron, in federal prison after his July 28 arrest on felony charges of dealing drugs, Michael Douglas says he was “no angel” as a father.

“I’ll assume whatever responsibilities I have to,” the leading man, 65, tells AARP The Magazine for its March/April cover story. “Would it have been better to have been around more? Absolutely. There were absences, and I was no angel.”

Douglas said his troubled, 31-year-old son – who faces a potential life sentence on charges of dealing crystal meth – also is taking responsibility for his choices.

“Cameron has a lot of life ahead,” said Douglas, who reprises his Oscar-winning role as corporate raider Gordon Gekko in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, opening April 23. “He now recognizes his own demons and struggles.”

And though Douglas says his son is a “tough kid,” he still expressed concern for Cameron’s welfare: “He’s in a federal prison, and you’ve got some big, bad boys down there.”

Espouses Viagra

  • On a lighter note, Douglas shared other intimate details of his life, including his relationship with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 40, who “God bless her likes older guys”, and how male enhancement drugs Viagra and Cialis are “wonderful enhancements.”
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  • Douglas also says he is able to give greater attention to his children with Zeta-Jones – daughter Carys, 6, and son Dylan Michael, 9 – than he could to Cameron. “I’m not so concerned about my career,” he said. “I see the confidence my kids have got versus the struggle for confidence that I had or that Cameron might have dealt with.”

Still, he’s admittedly fearful of being a septuagenarian when his daughter hits her Sweet 16, saying: “I’m not going to be able to physically chase the boys away.”