The painting Portrait of Doña Carmen Arconada by Ignacio Zuloaga hangs in a Spanish museum – and maybe in Cera's attic
Credit: Tara Walton/Toronto Star/Getty; Courtesy Your_doppelganger/Reddit

Michael Cera has apparently been lying about his age.

And nationality.

And gender.

At least, that’s what it seems like according to Reddit user your_doppleganger, who discovered Spanish painter Ignacio Zuloaga’s painting of Doña Carmen Arconada in a museum in Spain. He uploaded his photo of the painting to imgur, titling it “Michael Cera‘s doppelganger [sic].”

Many people have pointed out that the painting (dating back to 1940) looks a lot like what would happen if Cera’s Arrested Development character George Michael had gotten together with his not-actually-cousin Maebe Fünke.

We’re just lost in Cera-as-Spanish-Woman’s dreamy eyes.

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