Not ones to waste a good evening (or a good outfit), Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones moved on to New York’s other big soiree Tuesday night — other than the Yankees game (see PASSAGES), that is — Bette Midler’s Madison Square Garden post-concert “Hulaween” bash on the Garden’s terrace. Funds raised from the show and the reception, whose guests included Rosie O’Donnell and Susan Sarandon, benefited the New York Restoration Project, Midler’s charity for preserving New York City parks. “I’m just here to show my support for Bette,” Douglas told PEOPLE Online. Just as the clock struck midnight, the Divine Miss M appeared at the party and said of her civic clean-up work: “We have labored long and hard for three years. We have been in the trenches, we have eliminated thousands and thousands of tires, we have saved crack addicts from their own vomit, we have fished dead bodies up out of the water, we have been mugged, we have been robbed — and we are still going strong.”