The singer explains what he learned from his past: "If I wanted to be a happy guy and really fall in love, I would have to love myself"

By Nicole Sands
March 17, 2015 08:05 PM
Peter Kramer/NBC/Getty

He may be married with a beautiful wife and child now, but Michael Bublé had to do a lot of work on himself before he was able to find his happy ending.

Back in 2008, Bublé went through a painful breakup with Emily Blunt, his girlfriend of three years, after photos surfaced of the crooner in another woman’s bed.

“I was a jerk and I was careless and reckless with the hearts of women I was with. And I got my karma. I earned it,” the singer, 39, says in a three-part interview with Canadian entertainment show eTalk that started airing on CTV on Tuesday.

“I got my butt and heart kicked and it hurt me enough that I looked in the mirror and I didn’t want it to happen again,” he says. “If I wanted to be a happy guy and really fall in love, I would have to love myself.”

Bublé, who is on tour in Dubai, admits “it’s so cringey how I acted.” But it was a wake-up call for him. “The reason to be a good guy isn’t for the person you’re with, it’s for you,” he adds.

“I think the experience of the heartbreak – I learned about myself, I got closer to being spiritual and learned to be in the moment and realize how short life is,” he says. “It changed everything: the way I was with my family, the way I treated women, how I was on stage.”

Married to Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato since 2011, the couple both have busy careers but that doesn’t get in the way of spending time together and with their 18-month-old son, Noah.

Bublé and his wife are striving to make their son’s life “as normal as possible.”

He adds, “Before I do something or say something stupid I try to think how he’ll feel about that when he’s old enough to read or see it. And there’s things I’ve done in the past and it’s too late, but I can try and make sure I keep that in mind.”