A tearful Michael Jackson said in a rare newspaper interview published in Britain on Tuesday that he would rather “slit my wrists than hurt a child.” The pop superstar told the mass-circulation Mirror tabloid that the child abuse allegations that had threatened to wreck his career were “wicked lies and rumors.” Under the enormous front-page headline “My Pain, By Michael Jackson,” Mirror editor Piers Morgan wrote that Jackson — sitting next to Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed at the department store — wept uncontrollably as he poured out his anguish about the “evil people who think I could do this thing to children.” In 1993 a 13-year-old boy sued Jackson, charging the singer molested him. The lawsuit was settled out of court for a reported $15 million, and Jackson, who denied any wrongdoing, was never charged with a crime.

  • The Mirror said Jackson has dedicated his new record “What More Can I Give?” to the refugees in the Kosovo crisis and will give all profits to help those affected by ethnic cleansing in the region. “I feel so sad when I see the pictures of those poor kids,” he said. “It makes me cry every day. I just want to go over there and hug every one of them.”
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