"I'd play with him on my team," he told PEOPLE
Credit: Harry E. Walker/Landov; Stephen Dunn/Getty

Jason Collins, the professional basketball player who recently announced he’s gay, will have no trouble fitting into an NBA locker room, according to one All-Star.

“I’d play with him on my team,” Los Angeles Lakers star Metta World Peace told PEOPLE at the Showtime pre-fight party before the Floyd Mayweather Jr./Robert Guerrero bout in Las Vegas. When asked whether Collins would be accepted in an NBA locker room, World Peace’s answer was simple: “Of course.”

With Collins’s historic announcement in Sports Illustrated, he became the first active player in American team sports to publicly announce he’s gay. For World Peace, though, the outing wasn’t a big deal.

“Everybody deserves their own preference and [to] live their life the way they want,” he said. “For me, it wasn’t big news for someone to come out gay. I don’t care. It wasn’t a big deal. I think whatever he wants to do is okay. That’s the unique thing about people. Everybody is different, and they can choose how they want to live.”