Hear the Single by the Death Metal Band With a Parrot Lead Singer

Hatebeak is the only band with a parrot vocalist and therefore the best


Yeah, we realize how that headline sounds, but the reality of this story is every bit as weird.

Hatebeak is a death metal band whose lead singer is a 21-year-old parrot named Waldo. If you’ve ever heard this subgenre of rock music and thought it just sounded like screeching, then you’ll understand why a parrot makes more sense for this type of music than it would any other.

Sample for yourself the track “Seven Perches” from the upcoming album Number of the Beak.

It may not be your taste, exactly, but you must at least admit that it sounds better than any other bird-fronted band you’ve listened to recently.

Hatebeak has been around since 2004, and all of the band’s previous releases make bird puns – Beak of Putrefaction, Bird Seeds of Vengeance and The Thing That Should Not Beak.

You’ve Never Heard Elevator Music Like This Before!

And before you worry that being around this kind of music could hurt poor Waldo, know that the band never tours. “We don’t play live,” explained drummer Blake Harrison in a 2004 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. “It would be absolute torture for the bird to experience decibels at those levels.”

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