Streep is widely acclaimed for her acting, but she's also impressive as a GIF

By Drew Mackie
Updated August 10, 2015 04:30 PM

Meryl Streep dominates. This cannot be argued.

She’s won three Oscars and has been nominated for 16 more. She can do heartbreaking drama. She can do comedy. She can sing. And she played one of the most iconically tough-to-impress badasses in the history of movies in The Devil Wears Prada.

This weekend, she showed audiences that she can also pull off a fairly un-Meryl role: in Ricki and the Flash as an aging rocker mom who’s not especially maternal (and that’s a rarity in American cinema) and who, at 66, still looks good in leather.

Streep has been the “actress’s actress” for so long that a lot of us probably can’t remember a time when she wasn’t the go-to example of a classy, versatile performer whose any given performance could score an award. In fact, this writer’s introduction to Streep’s reputation as an Oscar nomination magnet came all the way back in 1990, when an episode of Tiny Toons had a gag about Meryl Streep being nominated for ordering a pizza in a restaurant.

(She wins, of course, then she yawns and tosses the statuette in a purse that’s crammed full of them.)

Twenty-five years later, Streep is still on top. And just as she’s a versatile actress, she’s also quite versatile in GIF form. In fact, for any occasion, there’s a Streep GIF that can get your point across while still conveying her awesomeness.

1. For when the ineptitude of others almost makes you lose your composure

2. For shutting others down while still looking beatific

3. For showing that people with high standards can still appreciate a good joke

4. For dramatic crying

5. For giddy sexytimes

6. For general enthusiasm

7. For subtle enthusiasm

Meryl Streep’s Changing Looks!

8. For flawless hair flips

9. For emphatic agreement

10. For conniving

11. For periods of utter hopelessness

12. For when things get ugly but, you know, that special kind of "pretty ugly"

13. For "pretty ugly", part two

14. For impeccably dramatic exits

15. For impeccably dramatic final exits

16. For restrained satisfaction at your own success

17. For when you realize that others just aren’t up to your standards

18. For threatening elegance

19. For ribaldry in the face of people who need to lighten up

20. For when you have to tolerate those who would bring you down

21. For expressions of love, even when they come from an awkward place

22. For sheer horror and/or gloves that smell nice

23. For when you need to express confusion in an elegant fashion

24. For when you need to assert authority in the workplace

25. For outrage when others reveal their déclassé nature

26. For looking good, in general

27. For when you’re just completely over it

28. For whatever

29. For modesty when others acknowledge that you are impossibly perfect

30. And finally, for when you just own it