Don't mess with the dictionary

By Alex Heigl
Updated September 08, 2016 11:30 AM
Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg/Getty

We just lost a little more of the polar ice caps from this burn.

Normally, a person doesn’t look to the Merriam-Webster Twitter page for savagery. But Wednesday, the dictionary went in on a guy, Kanye-style, and it gave the world a shining moment of pure, unadulterated shade that’s continuing to resonate.

Merriam-Webster, as you might expect, tweets mostly about words and their usage. Tuesday, they tweeted this out, about the word “mad.”

Naturally, because this is Twitter, Slate editor Gabriel Roth decided to weigh in with some unsolicited sass:

Then he kept going:

… and going.

Merriam-Webster, at this point, had had enough, and decided to put a stop to Roth’s pontificating.

A brief recap of the reaction on Twitter:

You can push a good dictionary only so far, apparently. The fallout from the burn was still being felt Thursday morning, as Merriam-Webster’s blunt evisceration of the editor continued to get passed around. Now he’s the guy who got out-sassed by a dictionary on Twitter. The internet is a strange and magical place sometimes.