Vieira says her statement was taken out of context and she's apologized to Barbara Walters

Meredith Vieira has apologized for comments she made about her TV home for nine years, ABC’s The View.

Vieira, who was quoted in Time as saying of the daytime chat fest, “It’s hard to watch. It sort of became a joke,” now says the line was taken out of context.

After the story hit on Monday, Vieira called View co-host and co-executive producer Barbara Walters “because I was very upset, and she was upset, too,” Vieira tells the New York Post.

Vieira says Walters understood. “She said (the comment) ‘doesn’t sound like you, but if it was you, I’ll have to hurt your husband.’ ”

As Vieira noted, “I think she’s used to things being taken out of context.” Walters was not available for comment to the Post.

Viera said the “joke” she was referring to was not The View itself but the press frenzy surrounding the show in the wake of Star Jones’s exit.

“I felt that the media was turning (the show) into a joke, not that the show was a joke,” Vieira said.

The editors of Time Monday posted a statement online reading in part, “(Vieira) assures Time that in no way were her comments meant to be insensitive or derogatory about a program she takes great pride in having built and been associated with for the last nine years.”

Vieira’s new gig as Today co-host starts Sept. 13.