August 06, 2004 08:00 AM

SUED: The Dr. Phil talk show is being sued by Neal David Sutz, an Arizona mental health activist who claims that in 2003 the program violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in its treatment of him by telling him he could not speak to Dr. Phil on the show, the Associated Press reports. Sutz and other prospective audience members were asked to sign a waiver attesting that they didn’t suffer a mental illness and weren’t under psychiatric care, according to the suit. Sutz, who’s been treated for bipolar disorder, informed a show representative of his condition and was told he could watch but not talk. McGraw’s camp has declined comment on the suit.

RATED: Bill Clinton’s visit with David Letterman Tuesday night drew the best ratings for the Late Show since Janet Jackson visited in March, following her breast-baring Super Bowl stunt. Meanwhile, the 42nd president has turned down an invitation to host Saturday Night Live. No further details were provided about why he decided not to appear.

LOCATED: Next year’s 47th annual Grammy Awards will be held again in Los Angeles, on Feb. 13, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has announced. The Grammys have traditionally shifted between New York and L.A., but in recent years they have been held more frequently in California after a feud between former Grammy head Michael Greene and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who accused Greene of verbally berating one of his staffers in 1998. Following the feud, the Grammys were held for four straight years, from 1999-2002, in Los Angeles before moving to Madison Square Garden in New York in 2003 following overtures by Giuliani’s successor, Michael Bloomberg.

RENEWED: Filmmaker Kevin Smith, 34, who often casts himself as a verbally-challenged stoner in his raunchy comedies, renewed his wedding vows on Monday in a surprise ceremony arranged by his wife as a birthday present. The first time Smith married his wife, former USA Today reporter Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, was in April 1999. The repeat ceremony took place at Las Vegas’s now-notorious notorious Little White Chapel, where Britney Spears got married earlier this year.

SUFFERED: Soul veteran Ronald Isley, 63, lead singer with the Isley Brothers, has suffered a minor stroke, but hopes to resume performing as soon as possible, reports Reuters. Isley felt ill while walking along a street in London on July 29, he checked into a local hospital for a few days, and has since returned to his home in St. Louis, Mo., said a spokesperson, who added that his speech did not appear to be affected.

DIED: Actress Virginia Grey, 87, whose 100 movies included the 1927 Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the Marx Brothers’s 1942 The Big Store, died on July 31, The New York Times reports. Among her later roles was in 1970’s Airport. Though she was said to have had an affair with Clark Gable, Grey never married.

REHIRED: Shock jocks Opie and Anthony are returning to the airwaves, after getting booted from their New York station for broadcasting a live account of a couple having sex inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The duo will now join XM Satellite Radio beginning Oct. 4. On XM, Greg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia will operate free of Federal Communications Commission restrictions. Their show will air weekdays from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., opposite fellow shock jock Howard Stern.

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