The 29-year-old recent law graduate from Washington state tries fibbing to Trump

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 29, 2005 08:00 AM

It’s not nice to lie to Donald Trump. On Thursday night’s episode of The Apprentice, the mogul asked Alex from the Net Worth team how many times he had lost as project manager.

The 29-year-old recent law graduate from Washington state said he had lost once and won once. Not so, Trump corrected him. He lost twice. (You can probably figure out what’s coming here.)

Besides being astonished by Alex’s memory slip, Trump turned to Tana, 37, and told her that she had performed terribly on this week’s task – to design a brand-new T-shirt for Hanes to commemorate 50 years of T-shirt culture – but that she’d done well over the past few weeks.

Then Trump turned to summing up Alex, who relied on Tana to generate ideas and come up with selling techniques, while Alex seemed to sit back and behave negatively.

“Alex, you’re fired,” said Trump.

As far as the T-shirts went, Net Worth’s showed an American flag pattern inside a star with wings, with the slogan “Rock Star Couture.” The Magna team, which featured a lot of arguing between Kendra and Craig, advertised their T’s as limited edition collector’s art with only 288 shirts in existence.

At the end, George said that Net Worth had sold their men’s shirts for $42.99 and their women’s shirts for $44.99, for a total of 33 shirts – and $1,147.95. Carolyn noted that Magna’s short-sleeve shirts went for $25 and its long-sleeve for $35. But they had tapped into their artist’s fan base and sold 101 shirts for $2,705.00. The winner: Magna.