Stongbow Hard Cider isn’t too sweet on its own, but when it’s all dressed up with cucumber, strawberries and fresh mint – plus a little lime juice – it turns into the perfect warm-weather drink.

“Punches are easy to make for groups,” mixologist Rob Krueger, of Brooklyn’s Extra Fancy, says of his cool cocktail. “The Strongbow Hard Cider [in this recipe] gives it a dry, crisp, refreshing taste that s good for summer parties.”

Triple Bow Punch

Adaptable to serve as many as desired
• 1 part Pimm’s #1
• 1½ parts Triple Sec
• ½ part lime juice
• 4 parts Strongbow Cider
• Cucumber slices
• Strawberries, quartered
• Fresh mint leaves

1. Combine cucumber, strawberries, some fresh mint leaves, Pimm’s, Triple Sec and lime juice in a large punch bowl with ice, then add the Cider just before serving.
2. Ladle into individual cups and garnish with leftover mint.