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February 11, 2015 09:00 AM

The woman who knew Joan Rivers better than anyone has written a tribute to the late comedian.

In The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation, Melissa Rivers “will share funny, poignant, and irreverent observations, thoughts, and tales about the woman who raised her,” her publisher, Crown Archetype, announced on Wednesday.

Rivers’ mother, who died on Sept 4, 2014, was famous for her comedy and biting wit – as well as her close friendship with her only daughter.

“In our family we always believed that laughter was the best medicine,” Melissa says. “I wanted to write a book that would make my mother laugh. I hope it makes you laugh, too.”

In her book, Rivers shares personal (and hilarious) anecdotes from her childhood, like the time her parents delivered her as birthday gift to Johnny Carson when she was just 9-months-old.

Or her mother’s idea of a math lesson: “I can do tips and discounts and figure out the number of gay men in an audience to make it a good show. That s all the math you ll ever need.”

“These were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to life in the family that Melissa describes as more Addams than Cleaver,” her publisher says. “And at the center of it all was a tiny blonde force of nature.”

The Book of Joan comes out on May 5.

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