The actress dished on the film she co-wrote with her husband

By Jessica Fecteau
Updated March 18, 2016 12:55 AM
Credit: David Livingston/Getty

Melissa Rauch may be getting a taste of pregnancy playing her character on The Big Bang Theory, but in real life, her baby is her new dark comedy The Bronze.

Together with her husband, screenwriter Winston Rauch, she co-wrote the film about a former Olympic gymnast making her way back into the spotlight after she realizes a new, younger one is threatening her status.

But perhaps the most intriguing scene of the movie is when her character has a raunchy and very acrobatic sex scene with another gymnastics coach played by The Martian‘s Sebastian Stan.

“I was just so thrilled because when we wrote it on the page, we kept thinking are we actually going to be able to do this?” Rauch told reporters at a screening hosted by The Cinema Society and SELF magazine. “So we were shooting and I was running back behind the camera saying, ‘This is so exciting being able to do this!'”

Although the sex scene didn’t involve her real-life husband, who was watching behind the scenes, Rauch says he was a good sport about it.

“It’s also very interesting to have your husband behind the monitor while you’re shooting something like this and you hear him say like, ‘I think we can get another take of that.'”

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The film, which was shot in only 22 days, is the first big screen movie the 35-year-old has written with Winston.

“You guys are witnessing the birth of our real life baby tonight,” she said. “It definitely feels like we’ve been carrying this around.”

As for having children in the future?

Rauch says she’s sure someday that will happen, but right now she’s just happy to be pregnant on her hit TV show.

“We haven’t done the prosthetic yet but I’m super excited to have it on,” she said. “It’s nice to have a trial on the show.”

The Bronze is now in theaters.