One of the photos is compared to having sex with a dolphin

Before Melissa McCarthy was America’s favorite comedy star, she was just a twenty-something in Los Angeles with an agent above a sandwich shop who told her she needed headshots.

She never thought the world would see those photos again – until they did, when McCarthy, 44, stopped by the Graham Norton Show on Friday.

“I literally thought I had the only two hard copied, and when you sent them to me I was like, ‘Dear God, they’re out there,’ ” the Spy star told Norton when he asked her to explain what the audience was about to see.

Comedian John Bishop compared the first headshot, of McCarthy in dowdy clothing, smiling so fiercely all you see are her teeth, to having sex with a dolphin.

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And McCarthy herself explained that some of the accessories for the second headshot were taken from a western-themed Barbie doll … including a very small hat that Norton mistook for a ravioli.

“I am 26 in [the first] picture and I thought it was a great idea to put on a gray snarled wig and old lady glasses,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Sure, who wouldn’t hire her?’ “