January 07, 2015 09:00 PM

Melissa Gilbert likes to say that she and her boobs were longtime friends.

But the actress’s love affair with her implants came to an abrupt end before the holidays when she realized she didn’t have the patience – or money – to continue updating them. The 50-year-old actress was on her second set of implants when she decided enough was enough.

“I couldn’t shake the idea that my implants had a shelf life,” Gilbert wrote on her blog. “They would have to have them replaced every 10-15 years for the rest of my life. It was possible that at 80 years old I might have to get new implants! Huh??”

As a result, the actress best known for her work on Little House on the Prairie underwent surgery in Michigan Tuesday to “remove her implants forever,” PEOPLE confirmed. In her blog, Gilbert explained how the surgery would take no more than two to four hours and cost “considerably less than $38,000″– the amount she would have paid to replace her second set of implants.

Afterwards, she even tweeted about it.

In her blog, Gilbert wrote about how happy she was to grow older and implored her fans to remember that “aging is a gift not a curse. Love yourself. You are perfectly beautiful. You are enough.”

She signed it “Tits McGee.”

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