Melanie Griffith: Antonio Was 'Amazing' During My Health Struggle

"He did everything," Griffith says about her fight with substance-abuse problems

Photo: Gregory Pace/Rex USA

Having said she’s beaten back the “monster” she calls her 30-year-old substance-abuse problems, an elegant Melanie Griffith looked the picture of health at her husband Antonio Banderas’s side for Wednesday’s opening of New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. It was certainly a cause for many celebrations.

“He did everything,” Griffith 52, told PEOPLE about Banderas’s help during her struggle. (Last August, Griffith entered rehab for the third time, following stints in 1988 and 2000.) “He has been an amazing man.”

“It’s tough,” Banderas, 49, admitted to PEOPLE, as he and Griffith appeared on the red carpet for the animated feature Shrek Forever After, in which the handsome Spaniard is not seen but heard – as the swashbuckling feline Puss in Boots.

Besides Banderas, Griffith’s family includes her mother, ’60s screen star Tippi Hedren, 80; son Alexander (whose father is Griffith’s second husband, actor Steven Bauer), 24; daughter Dakota (with her former husband Don Johnson), 20; and daughter (with Banderas) Stella, 13.

Having Griffith back in top shape must be wonderful, Banderas was asked. “Absolutely,” he told PEOPLE, beaming as he spoke. “We are stronger right now than we were.”

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