Melania Trump detailed meeting late pop star Michael Jackson in an interview with DuJour
Credit: View press/Corbis via Getty; Justin Sullivan/Getty

Before she was brushing shoulders with America’s political leaders, Melania Trump was plotting pranks with pop stars.

In a new interview with Dujour, the 46-year-old former model – and wife of Donald Trump – reveals that the late Michael Jackson once tried to convince her to share a kiss.

“I met Michael Jackson,” she told Dujour. “It was here in New York in the Pierre Hotel. He called us, so we went over and we had dinner. Just after dinner, we were chatting on the sofa and my husband went into another room to see some art somebody wanted to show him.”

She continued, “And Michael said to me, ‘Hey, when Trump comes back, let’s start kissing so he will be jealous!’ ”

Upon the billionaire businessman’s return, Trump said they ditched the plan – but not without laughter.

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Trump also addressed her husband’s public persona, retorting to comparisons of him to Adolf Hitler (a characterization once made by comedian Louis C.K.), “We know the truth.”

“He’s not Hitler. He wants to help America. He wants to unite people. They think he doesn’t but he does. Even with the Muslims, it’s temporary,” Trump said, conceding, “Maybe he needs to say it in a softer way. He doesn’t go after religions. He feels like we need to know who’s coming to this country. If not, we don’t have a country. That’s how he feels. We see how he is, and he wants to unite the country and bring people together and bring jobs back.”