Trump dishes on her "great" labor and The Donald's parenting skills


Just two weeks after giving birth to her first child with husband Donald Trump, Melania Trump appeared on The View Thursday to share some of the more pleasant details of childbirth.

Fielding a question from Star Jones Reynolds, Trump, whose labor came nine days early, said the experience was “great.” She went into the hospital Sunday evening and the baby was born at 5 a.m. the next morning.

Barron William Trump was born on Monday, March 20 and weighed 8 1/2 pounds. He is the fifth child for Donald Trump, 59, whom Melania, 35, married in January 2005.

The birth, Trump said, was “very, very easy.” Asked by co-host Joy Behar whether she had an epidural, Melania quickly replied, “Of course.”

The wife of the Apprentice star said Donald is an active father, waking up with Barron in the morning and watching TV and reading the newspaper with him in the couple’s bedroom. But when Barron needs to have his diaper changed, she admitted, Donald says, “It’s time to see Mommy.”

But she also said Donald had provided a good model for his older children by being strict but fair: “He lets you know what he thinks is wrong and what is right.”