The homeless man from Idaho should be committed to a psychiatric ward, says the judge

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated June 22, 2005 04:00 PM

A homeless man convicted of stalking Mel Gibson was sentenced to three years in prison by Superior Court Judge John Fisher in Van Nuys, Calif., on Wednesday.

Zack Sinclair, 34, a drifter from Idaho who represented himself during the course of the two-day trial (but who failed to call any witnesses to the stand), should be committed to a psychiatric ward, the judge recommended, according to court spokeswoman Pat Kelly.

Sinclair was arrested in September 2004 after violating a restraining order that banned him from going within 100 yards of the Malibu compound where Gibson maintains a residence, children’s school and chapel.

Witnesses who were called to testify said that Sinclair told them he wanted a chance to share Mass and discuss the Catholic faith with Gibson, who directed The Passion of the Christ.

“I realized we were probably dealing with someone fairly deluded,” Gibson, 49, told a preliminary hearing in March, adding, “My wife was upset and worried. She didn’t want to find him in the living room drinking tea.”