While his upcoming movie about the crucifixion, “The Passion of Christ,” continues to stir controversy, producer-director Mel Gibson and ABC have agreed to develop a family comedy inspired by his life as a father of six boys, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Not that the show will be about a movie star-turned-filmmaker. The still-untitled project will be about a blue-collar single father raising five teen boys on his own.

In real life, Gibson, 47, and his wife of 23 years, Robin (a former nurse), actually have seven children, six of them boys. The show is the creation of Emmy winners Julie Thacker and Mike Scully (“The Simpsons”), who reportedly will write the script for the pilot and executive produce.

Thacker and Scully, whose blended family has five kids (all girls) and who are friends of Gibson’s, came up with the idea and pitched it to him, says the Reporter.

“Mike and I decided to do a comedy about five boys because we have five girls, and trust me, there’s nothing funny about that,” Thacker said.

And while Scully and Thacker are both excited to work with Gibson, says the Reporter, “Julie’s a very lucky woman to be working with the sexiest man alive — and Mel Gibson,” Scully quipped.