In an interview before she gave birth, Oksana Grigorieva talks of falling in love with Mel and plans for the future

By Simon Perry
Updated November 04, 2009 09:40 AM
Credit: FayesVision/WENN

So, will marriage follow the joy of childbirth for the mother of Mel Gibson’s new child? Oksana Grigorieva certainly hopes so.

In the past, the Russian musician has said the couple has no plans for a trip down the aisle. But in an interview conducted before she gave birth to daughter Lucia on Oct. 30, Grigorieva, 39, tells the U.K. edition of Glamour that marriage is something she looks forward to.

“Yes,” she replied when asked if she would like to marry Gibson, “but right now we re just so happy to be having this child together.”

In the meantime, she told the British magazine she expects her man to be a good father. “Mel is fantastic with kids,” she says. “He’s got seven of his own already, so he understands the dynamic of parenthood very well.”

“He’s a big kid himself, really a real practical joker. We laugh so much.

Despite the fact she’s involved with one of the world’s biggest stars, Grigorieva says that, growing up in Russia, she wasn’t exactly a fan. “I was a bit of a nerd as a child. I was so into my music that I would play the piano until my fingers bled,” she says. “The only pictures I had on my wall were those of famous male pianists!”

She tells the magazine that she realized she was falling in love with Gibson, 53, when they began working on a musical project together. “The way we sparked one another creatively: it was like we were on the same page emotionally too. He really understood and loved my music and I so appreciated his direction.”

So no love at first sight? I m sure it happens, but with Mr. Gibson it was more the sparking of two creative minds, says Grigorieva, who also has a son, Alexander, 12, with James Bond actor Timothy Dalton.

And don’t be fooled by the formality: She calls him Mel at home.