Mel C Blogs: Spice Girls Raring to Go on Tour

She updates fans on the group's costumes and video plans on the new Spiceblog

Photo: Mike Owen/PA/AP

It’s an exciting, hectic and emotional time for the Spice Girls as they prepare for their big reunion tour, writes Melanie Chisholm, aka Sporty Spice, on the pop group’s brand-new blog.

The new Spiceblog went live on Friday with the post from Chisholm, who updates fans on the group’s costumes, travel plans, video shoots, TV appearances and more.

Four of the group’s five members “had a fantastic meeting with Roberto Cavalli’s team last week,” she writes. “The costumes for the tour are going to be AMAZING!! It’s so exciting to work with such talented and lovely people, we feel very lucky.”

The only one unable to attend was Melanie Brown, who has been competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. “She’s doing brilliantly and we are all very proud,” Chisholm writes, adding that Brown was flying to Europe on Friday to meet up.

In addition to the intense preparations for the six-continent comeback tour, which kicks off in Los Angeles on Dec. 7, the girls are preparing to shoot a video for their new single, “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends),” and will be filming a new documentary.

Their new Greatest Hits album, which will be sold exclusively at Victoria’s Secret, will be released Nov. 13.

The whirlwind preparations are bringing back some fond old memories, Chisholm writes: “It’s really fun reminiscing and it is actually quite emotional.”

She adds: “We really can’t thank you enough for your amazing support, this tour is going to be incredible. Not long to go guys!! SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!”

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