The singer alleged in court documents that Lorraine Gilles had an affair with Stephen Belafonte and was allegedly impregnated by him

By Alexia Fernandez
April 11, 2017 08:20 PM
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Melanie “Mel B” Brown was granted a restraining order on Tuesday against the nanny she previously claimed had an affair with her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

Brown, 41, previously accused Lorraine Gilles and Belafonte in court documents of being in possession of sex tapes that featured the former Spice Girl.

A judge ordered Gilles to remain 100 yards away from Brown, and ordered her not to remove any property from a storage locker she claims is under Gilles’ name, TMZ reports. Brown claims the locker contains the tapes, as well as photos of Gilles and Belafonte, Spice Girls memorabilia and photos of her recently deceased father.

TMZ reports Brown did, in fact, visit the storage locker Tuesday afternoon, but came up empty.

Brown earlier claimed Belafonte impregnated the nanny during their marriage and Gilles later had an abortion.

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Earlier this month, Brown filed for a temporary restraining order against Belafonte, claiming that he beat, threatened and exploited her throughout their nearly 10-year marriage, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. Belafonte denied the claims to TMZ and said he is “shocked” by the allegations.

Neither Belafonte nor Brown responded to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

Belafonte has been ordered by authorities to leave the family’s Los Angeles home and to stay away from Brown and her three daughters: Phoenix, 18, Angel, 10, and 5-year-old Madison.

The X Factor judge tried to leave Belafonte several times, she said in the documents. But he allegedly threatened to destroy her career by releasing sex tapes and take her children.

“I have lived the past decade in fear that [Belafonte] would release intimate videos of me that would embarrass me and damage my reputation and my career,” she claims in the filing. “Once [he] made the threat of releasing videos, it became impossible to say no to him, giving him complete control.”

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The singer claims in court documents that after Belafonte hired Gilles, a German exchange student, to be their nanny in 2010, that relationship became sexual and he began “paying her inordinate amounts of money.”

“Over the course of some three years, I recently learned that [Belafonte] paid Lorraine [the nanny] in excess of $300,000 for alleged nanny services,” she claims.

Then in the spring of 2014, Brown alleges that the nanny and Belafonte announced their pregnancy, and stated that they wanted “all three of us to live together.” Brown says that Belafonte later demanded that the nanny have an abortion, and used Brown’s money to pay for it.

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“I was shocked and in disbelief,” Brown states in the declaration. “[He] used money earned by me to pay for Lorraine’s abortion, and he used money earned by me to pay for Lorraine’s hotel stay while she recuperated from the procedure.”

A court hearing on the original temporary restraining order against Belafonte is scheduled for April 24.