Megyn Kelly Reveals That Donald Trump Tried to Woo Her with Notes and Phone Calls Before She Smacked Him Down at GOP Debate

Megyn Kelly revealed that she was sick on the day of the first Republican presidential debate and had a vomit bucket by her side at the event

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Before Megyn Kelly‘s headline-making smack-down of Donald Trump and his furious counter-punches, the Donald tried to win the support of the Fox News anchor.

“He would send me press clippings about me that he would just sign ‘Donald Trump.’ And he called me from time to time to compliment a segment,” Kelly told Vanity Fair in this month’s cover story. “I didn’t know why he was doing that. And then when he announced that he was running for president, it became more clear.

“But I can’t be wooed. I was never going to love him, and I was never going to hate him.”

Trump and Kelly have been at odds for months after Trump accused Kelly of being unfair with her questions about Trump’s past statements about women during the first Republican presidential debate. He later unleashed a series of attacks on her.

Trump’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

But the Fox News host told Vanity Fair that she almost didn’t moderate the debate at all because she was violently ill the morning of the event.

“I would have crawled over a pile of hot coals to make it to that debate. No one was going to be sitting in for me, reading my questions,” she said.

Kelly moderated the debate with a bucket by her side in case she had to throw up.

Her performance at the debate, specifically her exchange with Trump, garnered national attention. In addition to a barrage of negative tweets from Trump, Kelly told Vanity Fair that she received death threats from Trump’s supporters.

Her revealing Vanity Fair cover story has the potential to reignite the long-time war between Trump and editor Graydon Carter.

Carter and the magazine have been the target of several of Trump’s negative tweets in recent years.

Most recently, Trump called Carter “sloppy” in a tweet after the editor revealed that the presidential hopeful has been sending the editor pictures of his hands for decades in an effort to disprove Carter’s claim that Trump is a “short-fingered vulgarian.”

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