"I took that anger and said, 'I need to write an 'F you' album,'" the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE

By Patrick Gomez
Updated March 04, 2016 11:55 AM
Larry Busacca/Getty

When Meghan Trainor played her recently completed second album for her record label, she didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for.

“I had my album done and they said, ‘This is exactly what the world expects from Meghan Trainor to do and I said, ‘Yeah. That’s why I did it.’ And they said, ‘No. Push it. Push the envelope,’ ” the “All About That Bass” singer tells PEOPLE.

Left “frustrated but excited,” Trainor, 22, headed back into the studio. And the result was her new single, “No,” which was released Friday and produced and co-written by Ricky Reed.

“When [chairman and CEO of Epic Records] L.A. Reid said I didn’t have a lead single yet, I was pissed,” says Trainor. “I took that anger and said, ‘I need to write an ‘F you’ album.’ But it ended up being a woman anthem.”

“My name is No. My sign is no. My number is no. You need to let it go,” the recent Grammy winner sings in the song, which evokes the feeling and sound of the late 1990s/early 2000s female anthems.

“Me saying ‘You need to let it go’ started with me wanting to tell L.A. that he needed to let go of the idea that I was going to write ‘All About That Bass 2.0,’ ” says Tranior. “But in the end, he loved the song and I hope people like it just as much.”

Trainor’s second album, Thank You, is expected to be released later this year.