Meghan Trainor opens up to PEOPLE about life post-surgery

By Nicole Sands
Updated October 17, 2015 06:30 PM
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Meghan Trainor has wasted no time getting back into movin’ her lips.

Just over one month ago, Trainor took her family, friends and fans along with her for a medical journey when she opted to get surgery to repair a hemorrhaged vocal cord.

“It was a big slap in the face,” the “All About That Bass” singer, 21, told PEOPLE at the Just Dance 2016 launch celebration on Thursday, where she revealed that her dance moves in the virtual game will be “very similar” to those in her music video. “I have to be more strict and try not to get sick, even though it’s hard with the schedules.

“I was trying my best, so it’s just sleep is very difficult. It’s hard to sleep on a moving bus. You gotta learn and get more tricks and try to be healthy.”

Trainor returned to the stage on Wednesday during The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she admitted she was “a little nervous,” but “excited” to get back out there and show the world she’s ready to conquer, yet again.

“I’m more aware of my voice,” Trainor said of what she’s noticed differently about her voice since repairing her vocal cord. “I know when I’m using it too much and I can feel it still, and I know when I’m like, ‘We’re gonna not talk.’ ”

But since this surgery, Trainor says she is more cautious about when and how she uses her voice.

“This morning during glam, I didn’t speak at all because I was like, ‘I’m gonna save it for today because I have an hour of interviews,’ so I have to think like that, which a lot of people don’t have to do, but it’s a new thing in my world.”

With a few love interests in her past – one of which inspired her latest song “Lead Me On” – Trainor admits she hasn’t been seeing anyone special.

“It’s weird – before I was famous, guys were more interested and now, they’re scared of me or intimidated, so I’m learned a whole new world of how to even chill with guys.”

So, guys, if you’re looking to win her heart over, here’s a few things you should know: “They just have to appreciate how hard we work in the music business – like download that song on iTunes! I like funny dudes, I like funny guys who are nice and treat girls nice.”