The singer-songwriter hemorrhaged a vocal cord after a bout with bronchitis

By Alex Heigl
Updated August 11, 2015 02:35 PM
Kevin Mazur/Getty

Meghan Trainor is canceling the remainder of her M Train tour after hemorrhaging a vocal cord, the singer announced on Instagram Tuesday.

Trainor, 21, said she sustained the injury from coughing fits stemming from a case of bronchitis. “I am devastated, scared, and so sorry,” she wrote to fans. “I was being careful and taking precautions, but I have hemorrhaged my vocal cord again. I got bronchitis and have been coughing a lot & that pushed it over the edge. Sadly, I will need to cancel the remainder of my tour and get surgery to finally fix this once and for all.”

“I LOVE touring and seeing your beautiful faces every night. I am determined to do what it takes to get better and come back around stronger than ever. I love you, and thank you for all of your understanding, love and support,” the singer’s message finished.

Trainor isn’t the first young singer to fall victim to vocal cord problems. Sam Smith had surgery following a world tour capitalizing on the success of “Stay with Me,” and John Mayer had two surgeries in 2013 for a persistent throat condition called a granuloma.

And though younger stars have been the most visible victims of vocal cord stress, the malady is hardly confined to junior musicians: Donny Osmond recently underwent surgery for a bleeding lesion on his right vocal cord.