James Corden Teams Up with Meg Ryan and Adam Scott for Beyoncé-Inspired Soap Opera

It's a Late Late Show tale of love, betrayal and survival – all told through Beyoncé lyrics


It’s Beyoncé – soap opera style!

James Corden teamed up with Meg Ryan and Adam Scott on Monday for the latest installment of “The Bold and The Lyrical” on The Late Late Show – proving that any romantic woe can be expressed using Queen Bey lyrics.

Corden, 38, played a jilted lover in a sweater vest who arrives home to find his “baby girl,” Ryan, 54, in bed with another man, Scott.

“You’re acting kind of shady. Ain’t calling me ‘baby.’ Why the sudden change?” Corden says, utilizing Destiny’s Child’s 1999 hit “Say My Name.”

An angry Corden demands an explanation from his lady, who aptly responds, “I’ve been drinkin.’ I’ve been drinkin.’ ”

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Scott, 43, chimes in: “I get filthy when that liquor get into me.”

The trio acts out a tale of love, betrayal and survival using Beyoncé lyrics. In the end, Scott gets the girl and leaves the host with a bit of advice.

“Better call Becky with the good hair,” he says.

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