"What I'm really trying to represent is just a force of freedom to be your true self," the British singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE

By Ana Calderone
Updated December 18, 2014 08:30 PM
Credit: Ewelina Stechnij/Chilli Media

It was only a matter of time, but the first bionic pop star is here.

Viktoria Modesta, a British singer-songwriter, stars in the new music video “Prototype” wearing a variety of eccentric prosthetics on her left leg.

The video, which has over 1 million views on YouTube, is part of a new campaign, Born Risky, by the British broadcasting company Channel 4 designed to create a dialogue about and among the disabled community.

But Modesta – who had a voluntary amputation at age 20 after suffering from leg difficulties since birth – prefers not to be categorized.

“I didn’t think of myself as disabled at all. I never have, I still don’t,” Modesta, 26, tells PEOPLE. “And I think it would be so unfair to say that I represent all disabled people. I’m just hoping that I’m a catalyst for the change that needs to happen.”

That change includes breaking down some of the barriers she faced when she tried to get into the entertainment business, including being pigeon-holed because of her physical condition.

“In the past I would only get contacted by people who would message me to say, ‘There is a role for an amputee person in this film, isn t that wonderful?’ And I’m like, ‘Actually, no,’ ” she says.

“I want to celebrate my confidence, my sexuality and my drive for working in a creative industry,” she says. “I’m really hoping that after the initial focus on disability, people will see that what I’m really trying to represent is just a force of freedom to be your true self.”

And part of being true to herself means showing off her personal style, including the use of alternative prosthetics. So which is her favorite from the video?

“The spike pick at the end,” she says. “It’s just so powerful. Plus I can walk on it. It’s absolutely incredible.”

Even when she’s not sporting light-up legs and latex, Modesta has one big takeaway for fans.

“I hope that people who consider themselves disabled realize how much power they have,” she says. “It’s down to them to present themselves as individuals who believe in themselves and who love life – and no one is going to argue with that.”

Watch her music video below: