Meet the SAG Nominees!

Will's big desire, Penelope's "scary" emotions, Hugh's role for Dad and more from top Screen Actors Guild nominees. By Cara Lynn Shultz

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Nomination: Outstanding lead actor, The Pursuit of Happyness
He's got a shelf full of Grammy Awards (four, to be exact), but accolades for his acting have thus far eluded the former Fresh Prince, 38. Still, it's not getting him down. "I just want to do good in the world," he told Entertainment Weekly in December. "I don't need an Oscar to do good."
Next Up: Smith returns to his action-adventure roots in the vampire flick I Am Legend.

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Nomination: Outstanding lead actress, Volver
For Cruz, Volver was a chance to reunite with All About My Mother and Live Flesh director Pedro Almodovar, whom she has called "my everything." "I was able to go to those places that were very scary emotionally, but I went trusting because he was always there for us," Cruz, 31, told U.K. magazine The Guardian. "His generosity was amazing."
Next Up: She'll star in the romantic comedy The Good Night opposite Martin Freeman, from the British version of The Office.

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Nomination: Outstanding actor in a TV movie, The Ron Clark Story
Could the former funny Friend be any more pleased with his serious SAG nomination? "It's nice to be recognized in a drama," said Perry, now 37 and starring in the dramady Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. "I'm happy."
Next Up: Perry stars in yet another drama – the film Numb – as a depressed screenwriter who meets the girl of his dreams.

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Nomination: Outstanding actress in a TV drama, Grey's Anatomy
Wilson may be the only Grey's doc to score a solo nomination – although they all received a cast nod – but fame isn't on her list of goals. "I don't have to be a star. I don't have to be famous," Wilson, 37, once said to the The New York Times. If I can work all the time and go shop at C-Town [grocery store], I'm fine."
Next Up: Wilson will continue to teach (and terrorize) the interns at Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy.

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Nomination: Outstanding actress in a TV comedy, Desperate Housewives
Perhaps the only person surprised by Huffman's nomination was, well, her. After all, last year when she asked by about the possibility of being nominated for both her film Transamerica and her role on Housewives, Huffman, 44, dryly replied, "Yeah, it could rain beer too." (She did receive nods in both categories, taking home the win for Transamerica.)
Next Up: Huffman appears alongside Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan in the comedy Georgia Rule.

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Nomination: Outstanding actor in a TV drama, House
Laurie's lauded for his role as the acerbic, Vicodin-addicted – yet immensely talented – Dr. Gregory House, but he does admit having one reservation. "One of the things that makes me feel guilty about playing this role is that my dad was a doctor," the British actor, 47, told USA Today. "He was a very gentle soul and, I think, a very good doctor. And I'm probably being paid more to become a fake version of my own father."
Next Up: aMore puzzling cases – and more cutting put-downs – on House.

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Nomination: Outstanding actress in a TV comedy, The New Adventures of Old Christine
What curse? Accepting an Emmy Award last year, Louis-Dreyfus, 46, joked about the alleged Seinfeld curse and keeps on disproving it with her critically acclaimed turn as the frazzled divorcée. Still, she attributes her success to one thing: luck. "You're unbelievably lucky if you have a hit," she told AOL. "To have two big hits is even that much more lucky."
Next Up: More Christine! (And perhaps we'll see more of the budding romance between Christine and her son's teacher, Mr. Harris, played by Blair Underwood.)

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Nomination: Outstanding ensemble in a TV comedy, Entourage
Perhaps the reason why the HBO show – which takes an inside look at the brutal, yet decadent, Hollywood scene – is such a hit is because Piven, 41, knows what it's like to struggle. (He had 64 roles before landing the plum part of shark-y agent Ari Gold.) "You have to have an incredibly thick skin to be an actor," Piven told students at Northwestern University, his alma mater. "You have to deal with so much rejection. It's crazy."
Next Up: The boys will hug it out for a 12-episode-long fourth season of Entourage this year.

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