A couple from Manchester, England, bears a striking resemblance to the royals

A couple hundred miles away from all the hoopla surrounding Kate Middleton‘s engagement, another Kate is planning her own wedding.

To another man named Will.

Who also proposed to her in Africa.

After they met at university.

The surprising similarities between Kate Lawton and Will Yates, both 28, and the royal-to-be Kate and Prince William, also both 28, have left the Manchester couple reeling.

“It’s all very uncanny,” Lawton told the U.K.’s The Sun. “It’s surprising that they have so much in common with us.”

Interviewed before the April 29 royal wedding date was announced, Lawton wondered how much attention her own nuptials would receive from her friends and family.

“If our big day does clash, I just hope some of the guests and my wedding wouldn’t rather be sat at home watching the royal one on television,” she joked.

Luckily for the bride to be, her own wedding will take place nearly four months later, on August 13. Make that especially lucky considering that she’s hardly a royal fiend.

“The fact that William and I share the names of the royal couple was something that never occurred to either of us before last week,” she says. “I wouldn t say I’m a huge fan of the royals. The royal wedding is very nice but wouldn’t normally have been on my radar.”

And while the couple’s budget is 5,000 pounds for their wedding (compared to the reported 20 million to 40 million pound range for the royal wedding), Lawton says there’s one key difference that makes her smile.

“As far as my wedding goes, compared with the royal one I’m happy that it’s not going to be too opulent and showy,” she says. However, compared to Middleton’s sapphire sparkler – which formerly belonged to Princess Diana – “my engagement ring is new,” she notes, “so maybe I’ve got one up on Kate!”