Meet the Keswanis, the Family That's About to Become Your New Obsession

A Vine superstar, a pageant girl and a transgender princess – it's safe to say the Keswanis are not your average family

Photo: Ramona Rosales

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Step aside, Kardashians! There’s a new family in town that we’re all dying to keep up with: The Keswanis.

Sure, Kim and Co. may have been all over our television screens and social media channels longer, but with a family that includes a Vine superstar – that would be eldest son, Nik, 17, or BigNik, as he’s better known online – a teenage pageant princess – middle child Sarina, 15 – and a transgender princess – Devina, the baby of the family at 6 – it’s really only a matter of time before the Keswanis take over as the most famous family in America.

Along with their parents, “momager” Vaishali and “doctor dad” Anil, the Keswani kids star in a new web series, The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family, which will chronicle everything from Vaishali’s struggles to send Nik off to college, Sarina’s scandalous (well, to her father, at least) entrance into the pageant world, and the “floating ball of noise and craziness” that is life with Devina.

And while most of us might not have millions of followers on social media or have dealt with a family member’s gender transition, many of the issues that the Keswani family faces are things we’ve all experienced in our own lives – whether it s Sarina’s struggle with body image and her father’s overprotective approach, or Devina’s struggles with bullies at school.

They might not be your “normal” American family, but let’s be real: normal is overrated anyway.

Besides, the Kardashians aren t going to be hooking us up with all the Girl Scout cookies we can eat. Devina, put us down for 3 boxes each.

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